Growing 4Ward Program Evaluation
Thank you for participating in Growing 4Ward classes taught by Spearitwurx at Brenkwitz High School

We hope it was powerful!

We value your thoughts and experience! Please complete the following survey as honestly and openly as possible so that we can understand the impact and improve our sessions to be the most meaningful for our community.

We appreciate your time and energy!

Forward Ever!

What did you like most about these Sessions? (most memorable activity, lesson, impacts, etc)
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Please check all the words that describe your experience of Growing 4Ward:
Please respond to the following statements: "Now that I have experienced this Powerful Parenting Workshop...":
definitely agree
a little bit
no change
not really
not at all
I feel more connected to my community
I have a better understanding of who I am and what I want to do
I have gained some gardening skills and experience
I learned ways to relax when I'm stressed out
I have learned strategies for making healthy choices in my life
I feel hopeful about my future
I will definitely recommend this class to other students
What is one skill/lesson you gained from this day that you will implement within your life?
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After being through these sessions, what is one thing that you are will do for SOMEONE ELSE?
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Any final comments you would like to share with us?
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Thank you for your time and Energy! We are so thankful for your contribution and look forward to seeing you at future Spearitwurx Experiences!
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