Southern OR College Student Leadership Summit (OCCSLAC) Workshop Proposal Form
This year's Summit is hosted by Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, and is scheduled for Saturday, November 16 from 9am-5pm.

We are seeking workshop facilitators to present in the topic areas related to student leadership competencies as described below. Workshops are 60 minutes in length. You are invited to present more than one workshop session.

Learning and Reasoning: Research, other perspectives, reflection and application, systems thinking, analysis, synthesis, evaluation, idea generation, problem solving, decision making.

Self-Awareness and Development: Self-understanding, personal values, personal contributions, scope of competence, receiving feedback, self-development

Interpersonal Interactions: Productive relationships, appropriate interaction, helping others, empathy, mentoring, motivation, other’s contributions, empowerment, providing feedback, supervision, collaboration

Group Dynamics: Organizational behavior, power dynamics, group development, creating change

Civic Responsibility: Diversity, others’ circumstances, inclusion, social justice, social responsibility, service

Communication: Verbal and nonverbal communication, listening, writing, facilitation, conflict negotiation, advocating for a point of view

Strategic Planning: Mission, vision, goals, plan, organization

Personal Behavior: Initiative, functioning independently, follow-through, responsibility for personal behavior, ethics, responding to ambiguity, responding to change, resiliency, positive attitude, confidence, excellence

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Check all those which apply and best describe the leadership competency/competencies your workshop will cover. This list of competencies has been adapted from "The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook - Designing Intentional Leadership Learning and Development" by Corey Seemiller
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