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1. How did you hear about the dog? *
2. Who will be the primary caregiver for the dog? *
3. Why do you want a dog? *
4. Who is the dog for? *
5. How many people live in your home? *
6. Do all members in the house hold want a new dog? *
7. Is anyone in the home allergic to animals? *
8. Do you have any children? If yes, please list ages *
9. Do you have any other pets at the home? If Yes, please tell me about them. *
10. Have you had a dog before? If so what breeds and where are they now? *
11. Does anyone in the home smoke? If yes, where do they smoke? *
12. What type of home do you live in? (house, mobile home, apartment, other) *
13. Do you own or rent your home? *
14. May I call your landlord? If yes, please list landlords name and number. If no, please specify reason. (If you are a homeowner put N/A) *
15. Can I come to your home, to see where the animal will be living? If no, please specify reason *
16. How many hours would the dog be alone during the day? *
17. If you are away from home for more then 8 hours, how will you remedy potty breaks? *
18. What will you do if your dog is destructive when left alone? *
19. When you are not home where would the dog stay? *
20. Where would the dog sleep? (please be specific) *
21. Does your home have a yard? *
22. Is your yard completely fenced? If yes, please describe your fence (material, height, etc). If no, how do you plan on keeping the pet safe while outside? *
23. Will the dog be an indoor or outdoor dog? *
24. How will the dog get regular exercise? *
25. When will you exercise your dog? *
26. Please describe the pets outdoor shelter? *
27. Can you financially afford the cost of a new dog? Including emergency costs? Dog food, flea meds, treats, toys add up quickly per month. *
28. Are you able to commit time for this dog? *
29. Do you agree to use flea, tick, and heart worm prevention for the rest of the dogs life? *
30. Are you willing to take your dog to the vet within the first 30 days of adoption? *
31. How would you discipline the dog? *
32. Do you agree to an 8 week in home visit? *
33. Are you willing to give the dog two weeks to adjust to its new home? *
34. If needed, would you agree to enroll the animal into obedience training? *
35. Are you willing to work on potty training? *
36. Who will care for your dog in the event of an emergency? *
37. How soon are you looking to adopt *
I understand Mila's Mutts is a small rescue ran by volunteers. Sending multiple applications and emails will not get a quicker response. Someone will get back to you in 48-72 hours. *
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