CAMFEBA's Training Needs Survey 2019
About the Survey: To assist our members and clients to identify the right training program in developing their employees, CAMFEBA would like to conduct a training need survey to obtain specific data to design the content and feature of training courses that are mostly needed in the year of 2019.

** After completing the survey, you shall receive 10% discount for all public training course in Phnom Penh conducted by CAMFEBA during October-December 2019.
Section A: About you & company
Please fill out this information as follows:
1. Company's Name *
2. Position *
3. Email Address
4. How many staffs do you have now?
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6. Are you a member of CAMFEBA? *
Section B: General Situation of Your Training
Please provide accurate information for us to analyze the right needs for you.
Confidentiality is highly assured by CAMFEBA.
1. Did you provide any training courses to your staff in 2018? please list down some of them: *
2. Will your company plan to do some of them again in 2019? If need, what are they? *
3. Where did you normally providing the training to your staff?
4. List few training providers that used to provide training for your company in the last few years:
5. Who has been involved in deciding/approving on training course for your staff? (Please tick more than one if the process involves a combination of the options given below...) *
Individually, by myself
by line manager
By the HR
By GM or Board...etc
Please select
6. Does any of the following factors prevent you to access training? Please tick those which apply. *
Cost of training
Location of training
Length of training
Your training need is not available
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Section C: Previous experience with CAMFEBA
Your frank feedback is much appreciate for our future improvement and development.
1. Have you ever attend the trainings/seminars conducted by CAMFEBA?
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2. If yes, how would you rate the quality of CAMFEBA’s training/seminar?
Clear selection
3. Based on your experience, how would you rate CAMFEBA for the following items?
Very Good
Arrangement: Facilities, Venue.
Speaker or facilitator
Learning materials
Period and schedule
Participation fee
Support activities after the event: thanks letter, send pictures and report.
Clear selection
Section D: Your Training Needs & Plan in 2019
Please provide accurate information for us to analyze the right needs for you.
Confidentiality is highly assured by CAMFEBA.
1. Any topics below that relevant to you plan 2019 and what is the suitable schedule? Please tick in box answer below:
Jan-Mar 2019
Apr-Jun 2019
Jul-Sep 2019
Oct-Dec 2019
Effective Practice and Implication of Cambodia Labour law in Business
Calculating Overtime Pay and other Payments in Compliance with Cambodia Labour Law
Practical Labour Contract Development under the New Revision of Cambodia Labour Law
The Implication of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF)
Effective Leadership Development
Supervisory Skills & People Management
Sense of Urgency and how to be proactive at work
Practical Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
Effective Training of Trainer (TOT)
Competency Based Training Need Analysis (TNA)
Risk Assessment and Control Measure
Practical First Aid Training at the Workplace
Effective Communication and Negotiation Skills
Purchasing Skills and Inventory Management
Practical 5S KAIZEN at the Workplace
Practical Office Management and Khmer Administrative Letter Writing Skills
Project Management Skills in business
Effective Supply Chain Management
Professional Selling Skills for Sale People
Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
Practical Financial Report for Accountants
The Best Practice of Tax on Income (TOI) Calculation
Managing Budget and Controlling Costs
Professional Sale and Marketing Skills
Professional Customer Service Skills
2. Link to the question above, Do you have any specific topics in mind beside above ? and when you plan to do them? *
3. How long of the training should be? *
More than two days
Two days
One day
Half day
One or two hours per day
Please select
4. With the condition you selected in #3 above, how much your campany can afford to pay? *
50$-100$ per person
100$-150$ per person
150$-200$ per person
More than 200$ per person
Please select
5. Beside one or two days training do you think CAMFEBA should offer any further support?
6. Do you have any constructive feedback for us to improve in 2019?
Thank you so much for your time!!
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