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Program slots in the 2020 cohort are limited. This application allows programs to express interest and tentatively hold a spot, pending acceptance and confirmation with deposit.
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The Quality Improvement Network is sponsored by R9HSA and Early Intel.
Summary of Offering
The Q.I. Network is an analytics informed community of practice, supported by data dashboards, benchmark analysis and expert faculty supporting programs with data analysis and implementation of local quality improvement strategies.

QIN members will receive standardized dashboard analytics for their ChildPlus data via Microsoft's Power B.I. interface, benchmarked reports on data supplied by participating programs, and three face to face meetings of the network with a curriculum built around common quality issues (e.g. attendance, monitoring systems, child assessments, CLASS , family outcomes, financial issues, incident reports, behavior management, special needs, staff turnover, etc.), led by expert faculty.

Three face to face meetings of the Network will each run approximately 1.5 days during the 2020 calendar year, with time split between discrete content areas (e.g. Ed Managers, Family Service Managers, Program Directors, etc.) and team based planning to build agency wide systems, practices and culture for quality improvement. Facilitated dialogue will explore insights from the benchmark reports, feature learnings from high performers and identify additional questions for further data analysis. These sessions will be complemented with online group calls and coaching.

The Q.I. Network will be informed by and Advisory Committee, with representation of all member programs, which will review curriculum and analytics and offer feedback and guidance.
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