Free Skinerals GIFT for answering a short survey of questions!
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Hello Skinerals Organic Fans...

To all returning Skinerals customers, we would like to offer you a complimentary GIFT bottle of your choice by sharing your experience in answering a few short questions! This helps us improve our products and service and of course further our cause in our fight against skin cancer...

First step to be eligible to complete the survey is to write a PRODUCT review on Amazon (note NOT a seller review although those are appreciated as well) for us about how much you liked the product you purchased.

(If you can't leave the product 5 stars, please contact us first to let us know what the product issue was as maybe it is something simple that we can help fix, like application or use instructions etc...)

These reviews gives us a chance to read all of the wonderful things buyers are saying about our products. You can find your link to the the bottle you purchased that will take you right to the page you can write the review.

Once your review is posted live on Amazon, forward us a copy of the email to and it looks like this:


Email from Amazon... Review is now live!
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