Nomination Form for 3rd Tech for All Policy Conference
Nominations for awardees for the 3rd Annual Tech for All Policy Conference:

Wednesday, Nov. 6th at ATL City Hall (Old Council Chambers)

2017 Honorees-
2018 Honorees-

Nomination Details
Nominations Accepted- July 26th- August 26th
Winners Notified- No later than September 15th

1- Nominees must be INDIVIDUALS, not companies.
2- Nominees MUST be present at the Awards Luncheon on November 6th at 12 pm at ATL City Hall (Open auditorium) to qualify to receive award.
3-Nominees MUST also submit a professional headshot and allow use of their name and likeness for promotional reasons for this event.

Award Categories & Descriptions (and past honorees)
Award Categories & Descriptions (and past honorees)-
1- Tech For All Alliance Award for K-12 EARLY SUPPORT- Individual that has championed education of technology in the black community for grades K-12
2- Tech For All Alliance for CAPITAL FORMATION & GROWTH- Individual that has raised or facilitated raising capital in the diverse community
3- Tech For All Alliance Award for MEDIA AMPLIFICATION- Individual that has promoted diversity in tech in media and other public relations medium
4- Tech For All Alliance Award for ADULT EDUCATION- Individual that has championed diversity in tech education outside of the formal education system
5- Tech For All Alliance Award for INVESTMENTS- Individual that has consistently and aggressively invested in the diversity in the community
6- Tech For All Alliance Award for CORPORATE INNOVATION-Individual that has unapologetically advocated for corporate participation in the elevation of diversity in technology
7- Tech For All Alliance Award for HIGHER EDUCATION- Individual that has supported and promote diversity in higher education
8- Tech For All Alliance Award for OVERALL ECOSYSTEM BUILDING- This award is given to the individual that has demonstrated an overall commitment to building diversity in the ecosystem in every area.
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