The Running For Real Survey 2019
Thanks so much for helping me with this, friends! This will help me, help you and your running :)
How frequently do you visit/read/listen? (select all that apply)
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How did you FIRST hear about this survey?
Which of the following running-related product(s) have your purchased in the past 6 months?
How do you decide which product(s) to purchase? Please rank the following in priority order.
Most often
Not often
I've used the product before
Recommendations from friends, family, or running partners
Recommendations from local running store staff
Recommendations from running websites, podcasts, or magazines
Recommendations from other runners I follow on social media
Recommendations from online communities
Have you ever considered or purchased a product based on a recommendation from me?
If I were to create a course for improving your mental toughness, would this be something you would consider purchasing?
If I were to create a course on something other than mental training, what would you be interested in learning more about?
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Tell me a bit about you:
What is your age?
Years of running experience
Would you be interested in participating in a focus group to tell me more about how you learn about running products, services, races ect?
Could you leave me with your email if that is a yes (I promise I won't give it to anyone!), please?
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Anything else you think I should know?
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