2017 USN MVP Program Application
After 17 months of R&D and successful deployments of award-winning PoCs in the real world, the technology is about to enter its next phase: the "USN" (Universal Sharing Network) minimum viable product. For the first time in history, a scalable implementation of blockchain + IoT technology applicable to the real world is about to be tested in the field for both corporates and individuals alike.

The 2017 USN MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Program is a volunteer program to test a pre-alpha blockchain + IoT sharing solution provided by UG, tentatively codenamed the "USN" (Universal Sharing Network). This program is limited to 500 participants and provided without warranties or compensation of any kind. UG is a privately funded company headquartered in Mittweida, Germany.

Successful applications will be selected and notified based on the quality of their submission entirely at the discretion of UG.

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