Find Core Feelings That Are Blocking Your Happiness and Causing Suffering.
Core feelings are often more intense than inter-personal feelings in that we tend to experience core feelings as part of who we are rather than feelings that are happening in the moment and will pass soon.  Core feelings are your emotional brain's perception or best guess of your relational status with the people with whom you are interacting.  According to my research, your brain is designed to "feel" this status as one or more of 9 core feelings.  For example, you can feel "significant" or "insignificant" to the people you are talking to, or "valued" or "worthless" to these same people, etc.   Unfortunately we also tend to carry several unresolved feelings (i.e., not fully expereinced and expressed) around with us, biasing our feeling perceptions in that direction over and over.  

By completing this form you will discover which types of core feelings are activated, but not resolved, in you.  In other words what core feelings are causing your distress?   It will take some time and some work for you to determine how much is coming from the present situation you are processing and how much is coming from your unresolved emotional history.   One last tip, feelings are not rational, so try not to let your intellect interfere with experiencing the feelings that are there for you.

You will know you found the right word or words because your body will react to you saying those words out loud.   You might find your body relaxing and feeling relieved as you say them.  That's great.  You might find your body tensing up, if so try to breathe and relax and feel your belly and chest.  You will likely notice feelings in your belly or your chest.  That's great, say the words and feel them in your body and if you get upset enough, let yourself cry.  

Crying is very healing for your body and emotions and will greatly reduce the amount of stress you experience and carry with you.

NOTE 1:  Processing feelings can be very upsetting at first, especially if you are not used to facing them head on.   Please do not do this form if you are feeling fragile, unless you have a good support system in place that you can turn to, or you are comfortable being upset and crying on your own.  Continue at your own discretion please.

NOTE 2: You are asked to enter your email address in order to receive a summary PDF of your processing.   It will also place you on the Bio-Emotive Framework email list in order to receive future free and paid products and offerings.   And of course, you can unsubscribe anytime you like.

NOTE 3: All responses are kept anonymously on a secure spreadsheet where the data will eventually be analysed (and possibly published) to better understand the types of feelings and emotions that people deal with on a daily basis.

This form should take 5 minutes to complete.  
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