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2017/9/11 - 10/23

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Please provide an email address where we can contact you during the selection process.
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Organization name
Name of the organization carrying out the project, including the legal entity. If applying as an individual, please fill in "Individual".
Location of organization
If applying as an individual, please fill in your address.
When was the organization set up?
In case of applying as an individual, this information is not necessary.
What is the applicant's job title in the organization?
In case of applying as an individual, this information is not necessary.
Introduction of the team: max. 400 words *
Please provide the name, role and bio of the team members directly involved in the project.
How did you hear about this contest? *
Connection to Kobe City
Please point out the applicant’s connection to Kobe, if applicable.
E.g. graduated from college or high school in Kobe, have been living in Kobe, etc.
Motivation to work/continue working in Kobe.
Project Information
Please give a summary of the proposed project in the following form: max. 250 words *
This project uses [the product X] and addresses [the problem X]. Our project will reach [the resolved state of the problem X] within [the deadline X].
What is current stage of your product? *
What is the current stage of the project? max. 100 words *
Are you at the idea stage? Did you already develop a prototype or demo project? Having first users already, are you ready to scale-up? Have you already begun to scale-up?
Do you have active customers or sales with the product? *
Please explain more about customers and sales of your product. max. 100 words. *
Details about your customer, sales, a plan for manetization of your product.
Please outline the implementation plan of the project. max. 350 words *
Please give a brief outline of the project plan and milestones.
Problem to solve
Please point out the expected impact in case of the success of this project. max. 350 words *
What are the challenges that you are trying to solve through this project? Further, what is the scale of the problem? Please describe as fully as possible using references such as statistics, etc.
Please explain the uniqueness of this project. max. 350 words *
How do you estimate the impact? Please be as specific as possible regarding calculation method and premises.
Innovation / Novelty
Please tell us about similar projects and initiatives. max. 350 words *
Regarding the problem to solve, how is this carried out by other companies?
Please explain the uniqueness of this project. max. 350 words *
What makes this project different from other similar projects? What makes this project unique?
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