Call for Articles
Hola Amigos!

Welcome to the Tech Writer's Tribe newsletter submission. You can contribute articles related to tech writing, any creative content (Example, your paintings, poems and so on done by you), as well as travelogue.

Your contributions will be considered for the next edition of TWT Monthly Newsletter.


IMPORTANT! Articles already published on any public forum will not be accepted.

What do we highly discourage?
PLAGIARISM! Please ensure that you write the article in your own words.

What is Tech Writing?
Any type of writing that involves preparing content about technical products (Software/hardware, IT/non-IT).

Who is a Tech Writer?
Any writer who works for Tech Writing groups. By role name, tech writers could be broadly known as technical writers, instructional designers, UX writers, API Documentation writers, Marketing content writers, Proposal writers, Technical Content writers, Content writers (Technical blogs).

What do you write on?
Any topic that impacts tech writers. It can be related to writing standards / processes / tools, project, collaboration, challenges and benefits at workplace or in career, trending technologies for the field, what lies ahead in future.
We will be happy to consider your journey as a writer, personal experiences, challenges as anecdotes. Furthermore, we are also open to creative writing such as your poems, short stories with a message, travel experiences, your passion for something and why.

What is the tone of the articles?
Informal mostly. We are also fine with formal articles.

What is the word limit per article?
The articles should not exceed 1000 words.

Can I use images and graphics?
By all means! We do understand that pictures speak better than words. Mail your images or files separately.

What are our worst fears?
Typos and Grammatical errors! We know you will do a thorough self-review before submission :)

What are you waiting for, hit the keyboard now! For questions, suggestions, and feedback, reach out to
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