Team application - Fliegende Funken Festival
and perform with your team @Fliegende Funken Festival 2020 in Bremen, Germany!
Fliegende Funken - International Festival for Improvised Theater takes place from november 19th - 22nd 2020 @ Pusdorf Studios in Bremen, Germany.

Thursday, november 19th and Friday november 20th we open the stage for you and your team. As an English-speaking team you can apply for a 30 minute spot Friday night. On thursday we invite German-speaking teams to perform.

As a performer @Fliegende Funken Festival you’ll get

*free access to all festivalshows
*more than 25% reduction on all regular workshop fees
*free access to the festival JAM
*free access to the festival party
*help in finding accomodation

The team application is now open!
We are looking forward to meet you @Fliegende Funken 2020!

Fill out the application and send it to us UNTIL WEDNESDAY, MAY 27TH 2020.
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Are you happy to be on any photos and videos which will be token during the festival and shared through social media. *
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