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* Airdrop Mission

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* Unique features of BDAM.
1. Blockchain POS (Point of Sales) system implementation.
-Used as a large real user base in online and offline stores and apps.

2. BDAM & BNB(binance) coin based on/off payment gateway implementation.
-Integrate with hundreds of coins and tokens from Binance and use them in all kinds of online and offline payment platforms.

3.Compensation for mining 50% (1 billion) coins in all platform ecosystems of BDAM.
-Financial platform (exchange crypto, fiat, CFD, FX, Lending, Options)
-Game platform (e-sports, gambling(casino, sports book), rpg)
-Social platform (social network, news network, AR, AI, advertising platform, chat platform)
-Life platform (travel, car share, real estate, cloud, gold trading)
* Unique partnership of BDAM.
1. Akoin ($6 billion cryptocurrency city)
2. Blocpal (enterprise payment solution that processed 30 billion dollars payment)
* BDAM coin value.
Issued: 2 billion
Platform mining compensation pool: 1 billion
Coins for sale (IEO): 200 million
Listed price: 0.2$
Target price (2021): $1
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