Anime Expo 2012 Ma'★ Karaoke Contest

Please register at-con if you are interested in competing. There are 10 slots open for at-con signups, everyone else will be put on a waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. Every year sees a few folks have to drop out due to circumstances so your chances of competing are usually quite good!

=====Event Information=====
Event: Ma'★ Karaoke Contest
Location: Karaoke room, LACC 511
Time and Date: Saturday, June 30th, 5pm-7pm (contestants, please check in around 4:45pm)
THIS IS NOT THE SIGN UP FORM FOR THE MAIN KARAOKE CONTEST. Please use the form at to sign up for the Anime Expo 2012 Karaoke Contest. We encourage singers to sign up for both contests, there is no limitation on signing up for both!
Come and join the Ma'★ Karaoke Contest at AX Karaoke Room on June 30th from 5pm to 7pm to show off your Karaoke skills and become the Ma'★ Karaoke Champion! Contestants will be asked to use our newly launched killer iPhone/iPad App called "Anime Karaoke Ma'★" to sing along with their favorite Anime Songs, and compete their scores given by the built in Karaoke Android, 星乃そら.
In order to rehearse with the App, you can download it for free from iTunes US App Store and it comes with a special promotion track, "oath sign", the opening track of "Fate/Zero", originally performed by this year's AX Guest of Honor, LiSA. You can subscribe the app for $2.99/m and have access to the entire catalogue (a little short of 100 songs), or come to Karaoke Room during the open mic session for hands on practice (the pre-installed demo iPad will be available on site). LiSA will also stop by during the Ma'★ Karaoke Contest, and is scheduled to announce the special prize. Practice the song and impress her and the audience. You will be the Ma'★ Karaoke Champion!
We will limit online registration for this contest to 20 entries, and there will be 10 slots available for registration at-con. If all slots are filled we will start a waiting list on a first-come first-served basis.

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