Shabbat Dinner@6:30pm
Welcome to Spring '20 with Chabad!
Join the Magic@54 Turner (M54) for a delectable and spirited Shabbat experience.

The Chabad House, 54 Turner St., is located one street past the T, the last home on the block.
We look forward to welcoming you.

We also invite everyone to a Cholent and Chabad Library Chill on Shabbat afternoon!
(no rsvp necessary:)

Chanie and Peretz and the Fabulous Student Board

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Set up for Shabbat Dinner will be on Friday@1pm at the Chabad House. *
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Did you know?
The resources to underwrite the Chabad House and all its activities comes entirely from funds raised by Peretz and Chanie, and there is no consistent support from any outside organization, including Chabad International or Brandeis University.

Part of our support comes from parents of students who appreciate and value what we do. This is done by sharing with them what is happening at Chabad, including special opportunities for parents, and periodically asking for their partnership.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would share your parents' info with us,
Peretz and Chanie
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