Authorship Disputes & Academic Credit
Due to the importance of publishing our work, Postdocs need a clear standard for determining who should be an author and how to apportion research credit, and a fair process for resolving any disputes. In preparation for 2020 contract negotiations, please take this short survey and sign up with ways to help on this topic.

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1. At the beginning of your Postdoc, do you feel that you were given clear expectations of how authorship would be determined?
Why or why not?
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2. Have you or a colleague been involved in a dispute involving authorship or other forms of academic credit?
If yes, please elaborate, including the issues that led to the dispute.
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3. Do you feel that UC adequately addresses the concerns of Postdocs with respect to authorship and academic credit?
4. Are you aware of processes at UC to fairly resolve authorship disputes?
If yes, please elaborate on the strengths or weaknesses of these.
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5. Are you aware of examples of authorship dispute resolution models from other institutions?
If yes, please elaborate.
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6. Do you feel that Postdocs at UC are treated fairly regarding intellectual property issues?
Why or why not? Please elaborate on possible improvements.
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7. Do you think UC Postdocs should bargain for improvements in academic credit rights, including a fair process to resolve disputes, in 2020 contract negotiations?
8. Are there other issues to related academic credit and intellectual property that need to be addressed that haven’t been covered above?
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9. I would like to get more involved with our union's efforts to improve authorship and academic credit rights:
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