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Please scroll down to submit a question for the Port Waikato show.

The submission of questions closes two days before your show which enables us to send them to participating candidates the day before their show so they can prepare their responses.

Our Questions Committee reviews the submitted questions and chooses 18 questions for the 28 numbered boxes and two hard-hitting questions for each electorate.

For our Election 2023 Roadshow we chose 10 core questions (Questions A to J) from each question category to put in the boxes for every show. This enables us to put content together on themes based on these questions when our government has been formed.

Our question categories are:
Animal rights, Covid-related, Democracy/Governance, Economy, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, Infrastructure (excluding transportation), Law and order, Local government, Transport, Women's rights / Gender identity and a general category.

In the first half of the show, candidates choose a box number and answer the question from that box (1 minute).

In the second half, two hard-hitting questions are chosen for every candidate to answer (1 minute).

Question Code of Conduct - please do NOT submit a question that:

*      Is directed or is an attack on a particular candidate or party
*      Involves racism, voter suppression, or misinformation
*      Complies with the New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990 and all other New Zealand laws

The Questions Committee

The Questions Committee will ensure that every candidate receives their Electorate Candidate Response Sheet the day prior to the show so that candidates can prepare their responses for each question.

All questions are treated as anonymous, and the submitter's details (name and email) are confidential.

Decisions made by the Questions Committee are final.

Mix and mingle with candidates

Candidates and members of our in-studio audience are invited to mix and mingle before the show begins and after the show. This is an opportunity where a member of the audience can ask a party or candidate-related question to a specific candidate.

During this time, we ask that all members of the in-studio audience treat candidates respectfully. Please ask questions of candidates as opposed to comment, critique or debate. If candidates have submitted their 'candidate information', their contact details are their electorate webpage on our website, so you are free to make contact with them after the show.

Our aim for 'It's in the Ballot' shows

Our aim is to create an engaging 'community-led awareness and participation initiative' that gives all candidates equal exposure and to encourage voters to ask their MP hopefuls the questions that they want answers on before they cast their votes.

If you miss your electorate show, it will be downloaded to our YouTube channel the following day and edited to cut out breaks and put into our 2023 General Election Roadshow Playlist - YouTube.

Please share our YouTube Playlist weblink with your friends and whanau, and if you have found the show informative, please post it on your social media channels.

Kind Regards | Ngā Mihi
Questions Committee

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