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continuing to deliver great content about Augmented Reality.

This feature was designed to help support my blog, but at the same time give developers an opportunity to get more exposure to their newly released Augmented Reality (AR) game and make sure that their apps is reviewed by me in a timely manner.

One of the mains advantages of purchasing a sponsored review on AR critic is that you know that the review is read by people who are interested in augmented reality and are likely to download and interact with your app, as well as provide you with the best return of investment and lead to a higher conversion rate.

It's important to understand that when purchasing a sponsored review, you just ensure that you get a review is posted on AR Critic and it is posted in a timely manner. As the editor of this blog, all I can offer is an honest review that directly reflects my own opinion about the app after experiencing it in myself.

Each review posted included one or more relevant screenshots and a gameplay video.  Furthermore, the review will be shared across all AR Critic online social media channels.

Once the review is made it is posted directly on AR Critic blog and will be available publicly for all to read, regardless of the rating, low or high that the app may receive.

Buying a sponsored review doesn't grant you any right to influence what's written in the review or the app's rating-you get a review as-is. You can browse through my blog and check out some of the in-depth reviews I've written, to see what you can expect to get when you purchase a sponsored review for your app.

Once you purchase a review, it will be ready for up to 7 business day. Of course, I'll do my best to make sure it's ready as fast as possible without any implications on its quality. If for any reason the review has to be delayed, I will notify you ahead of time before the deadline.

It's important to note that the review will contain only links that direct the user to the page where they can download your app. Furthermore, all the external links in the review will be NOFOLLOW links (rel="nofollow"). I will not allow abuse of this service for SEO purposes.

Furthermore, readers of my blog will be notified that this is a sponsored review, not a regular review.

I am not reviewing any type of apps, like ones that requires a lot of time to evaluate. I will also test the app to make sure that it's working properly on my device (iPad) to make sure it's compatible and reviewable prior to moving on with the review process.

I currently only accept Paypal payments.A paper receipt will be sent to your address and a scanned receipt of the original receipt will be sent you an email of your choice.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me through my email at admin@arcritic.com if you have further questions.

Thank you.

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