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Is your child interested in joining the Junior or Senior Big Band? These both rehearse on a Monday night. Students must be in one of the main bands to be in the big bands. There is an additional cost for these bands.
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Medical Conditions - please note that if asthma or anaphylaxis is identified you must provide a current copy of the plan for your child if they are participating in the program in 2020. (Please put N/A if not applicable). *
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Asthma and/or Anaphylaxis plan to be submitted. *
I agree by checking this box that I have read the NSW Department of Education's Behaviour Code for Students (see link below) and agree that my child will adhere to the code. https://education.nsw.gov.au/student-wellbeing/attendance-behaviour-and-engagement/student-behaviour/behaviour-code *
I agree by checking this box that I am aware that my child must be a part of their school band program in order to participate in the AACSB. If there is no band at your child's school please select N/A. *
I agree to return the "School Approval Form" and "Invoice" in order for my child to participate in the AACSB Program. I am aware that these will be emailed to me if my child is participating in the program in 2021. *
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