Arts Alive Combined Schools Bands Programs 2021 Student Information
Enrolment Information for students
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Is your child interested in joining the Junior Stage Band?  This rehearses on a Monday evening.
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Medical Conditions - please note that if asthma or anaphylaxis is identified you must provide a current copy of the plan for your child if they are participating in the program in 2020.  (Please put N/A if not applicable). *
Treatment and medication required (Please put N/A if not applicable). *
Asthma and/or Anaphylaxis plan to be submitted (regardless if the asthma is only mild).  This can be a photocopy but must include a photo of the student. *
I agree by checking this box that I have read the NSW Department of Education's Behaviour Code for Students (see link below) and agree that my child will adhere to the code. *
I agree by checking this box that I am aware that my child must be a part of their school band program in order to participate in the AACSB.  If there is no band at your child's school please select N/A. *
I agree to return the relevant paperwork and payment required to be part of the Arts Alive Combined Schools Program by the due date."School Approval Form" and "Invoice" in order for my child to participate in the AACSB Program.  I am aware that this information will be emailed to me if my child is participating in the program in 2021. *
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