Our Voice: Research of Generation Z
As a youth organization, we decided to create a questionnaire to know what are the tends and ideas of youth (Generation of Z) in the world and learn what is the differences between them and the other generations.
The questionnaire has no age limit.
Please take our survey and feel free to respond honestly.
Then please do not forget to share the link with your friends and enable us to reach more opinions.
The answers will keep anonymous and confidential.

If you have any questions, please do not hestitate contact with us: info.ajinter@gmail.com

1. Age *
Country *
2. Gender *
3. What is the highest level of education you have completed?
4. Which of these best describes your employment status?
5. Which of these best describes where you live?
6. What are the most important problems of young people in your region?
Please choose 3 responses at most
7. How would you describe your personality?
Please choose 3 responses at most
8. How do you spend the majority of your free time?
Occasionally / Sometimes
Read, Write, Research
Take courses
Spend time on Social Media
Watching TV, Movie, Online Series
Sports and bodybuilding
Go to nature
Spend time with friends
Spend time outside (cafe, bar, mall)
Mental exercises and meditation
Sleep and rest
Clear selection
9. Where do you get your information?
Occasionally / Sometimes
Web Sites
Online Live Broadcasts
Other Mobile Applications
Clear selection
10. In which country would you loved to be born?
Clear selection
11. Please read the sentences and select the best options for you.
Strongly disagree
Neither agree or disagree
Strongly agree
I feel insecure when I go to a region where I do not have any experience with its community
It is hard to trust people who have different religion and rituals from me
I feel safer when I am together with people who have the same nationality as me
I feel safer when I am together with people who have the same ethnicity as me
I feel safer when I am together with people who have the same political stance as me
I feel safer when I am together with people who have the same skin tones like me
I keep a distance from homosexual people because it is hard to trust them.
I feel insecure in a crowded place where nobody has the same gender as me
Clear selection
12. Which superpowers would you like to have?
13. If you were a celebrity, who would you be and what is her/his profession?
(eg: name, profession)
14. What is the importance of religion in your daily life?
Clear selection
15. If you like to learn new languages, how do you prefer to learn it?
16. What is the major obstacle for not to learn new languages for you?
17. How much do you interested in learning about other cultures?
Not at all interested
Extremely interested
Clear selection
18. How many times have you been abroad?
Clear selection
19. If you never been abroad or if you think you have not travel to abroad enough, what are the major obstacles for you?
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