Micro-Press Survey 2014
Please reply by February 6. Your answers will be a part of my annual report, The Tiny Report: Micro-Press Yearbook 2014.

For the purpose of this survey, a micro-press is a very small (usually one-person) publishing house that puts out a line of comics by diverse authors. They often publish in pamphlet form. They generally self-distribute or use small, independent distributors.

So, for this survey, I’m NOT interested in:

   Self-publishers who only publish themselves

   Publishers who only publish anthologies

   Collectives and distros who do not micro-publish as described above

   Publishers who don't publish comics (or illustrated books that are very similar to comics)

   Publishers who are not currently active

Thanks for your input!

Robyn Chapman, publisher of The Tiny Report
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What is your website?
Do you run your micro-press alone, or with a co-publisher or employee? What is their name?
(Please don't include interns or occasional helpers.)
Where is your micro-press located (city and state / territory)? *
What year was your micro-press founded? *
How many publications has your micro-press published in total, as of yearend 2014? *
(This number includes all the books your micro-press has ever published.)
How many publications did your micro-press publish in 2014? *
Please list all of the publications your micro-press published in 2014. *
What kind of publications do you produce? Select all that apply.
What printing techniques does your micro-press use? Select all that apply.
How are your publications sold? Select all that apply.
Do you have a distributor? If so, who? Please list them all.
In general, does your micro-press make a profit at comic conventions and festivals?
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At which conventions or festivals have you had the most success?
(Name up to three.)
In your experience, what's the most successful platform for getting the word out about your publications?
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The world of small publishing is changing. In the last three years, what new development has had the most significant impact on your work as a micro-publisher?
Name your favorite micro-presses. (Please select three. Your choices will not be made public.)
For a list of suggested micro-presses, please visit http://thetinyreport.com/the-list. For the purpose of this survey question, please do not include any publishers that had commercial book distribution during most of 2014.
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