Jurong Green CC Scrabble Mini Tournament
Date: 10th December 2017, 10am-6.30pm (late start due to MRT Closure)
Price: $10 (Passion Card), $12 (non-Passion card)
Closing date: 3 days before the event

Rules and Regulations
WESPA Rules Version 3 shall be adopted for use in this tournament. A copy is available at http://www.wespa.org/rules/rulesv3.pdf.
The reference for acceptability of words is Collins Official Scrabble Words 3rd edition published in 2015 ("CSW2015").

For individuals, payment will be made on the event day.
For group sign ups, you will be contacted to make payment via Bank Transfer or Cash within 3 days.
An official receipt will be issued on the day of competition.
Please refer any enquiries for online registration to Mr Liew Kian Boon via jgcc.kianboon@gmail.com.
Name (According to IC) *
NRIC No. *
Contact number *
Scrabble Association Rating (if applicable):
Passion Card member: *
Terms and Conditions
1. I understand that there is no train service between Outram Park and Tuas Link on 10th December and will seek alternative transport.
2. Any participant who fails to turn up Fifteen (15) minutes after the reporting time has lapsed shall be deemed to have given up interest in participating in the tournament.
I have read the above and will make arrangements to ensure I show up on time. *
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