Roxbury´s Global Hi 5 Multi-Cultural Expo Thursday, February 20th, 2020 Time: 6pm to 9pm BOOTH RESERVATION
(Booth will consist of 2 tables in an L shape and back wall space.)

Required Booth Logistics: Booths *must be represented in all 5 Senses ¨Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, Sight¨!

Booth Set up:
*Required to include colorful decorations, artifacts, maps, flags, memorabilia, regalia, clothing, music, food, and beverages from your country represented. In addition it is required to have an~attire/costume to be worn for our parade~representing your country!
Booth Representatives: Students, parents, community members man the booths.

Kids´ Passport: Make sure you have a *stamp or stickers for our kids´ passports when they visit your booth.

Logistics of Expo: Guests will be walking through and along the different “booths”. There will be tables and chairs set up in the middle where people can sit and eat the food samples from each booth and see performances and booths. Have fun teaching us about your country!

:-)*Please make sure you bring in:
*Music on a CD or in a Flash Drive for your performance.
*Extension cords, Packing Tape, Banners, Stands, Poster Displays.
*Booths set ups will be 3:30pm to 5:30pm
*Bring in preferred beverages~water will be available!

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Type of Performance: A Main Stage will be setup to highlight different ‘mini dance or musical performances’ there will be set times. *
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Does Booth require an electric outlet: *Must bring your own Extension Cords *
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