Mesa Syllabus Generator
The syllabus is the most direct way to provide information to students on the organization, expectations, management, attendance and grading policies, and other information relevant to your course. This Syllabus Generator is designed to help faculty create syllabi that meet the MCCCD regulation, as well as provide guidance for best practices in syllabi design.

According to MCCCD Administrative Regulation 3.6, Distribution of Course Syllabus:

1. Students will be advised of course content and instructor expectations through a course syllabus.
2. The course syllabus serves as an agreement between the instructor and student.
3. The instructor must present a course syllabus to students during the first week of a class (before the end of drop/add).
4. A copy of the course syllabus must be submitted to the division/department office at the college no later than the end of the first week of class.

Additionally, the syllabus must contain specific elements as outlined in the regulation - .

You cannot come back to this form to complete it in stages. Gather all of your content and use the form to create your syllabus. You can PRINT the guide with examples to help you gather all the necessary materials:

It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete the form.

1. Carefully read the prompts for each of the form fields and enter the information for your course.

Formatting including tables, auto-generated bullet/numerical lists, bold typeface, italics and underline are not supported, but you will be able to modify the generated document to add these formatting options.

2. Required fields are indicated for those items that must be present in the syllabus. You cannot submit the form without completing these fields. The headers for these fields will be included in the completed document.

3. Optional best practice items are marked. You are highly encouraged to include them.

4. After completing the form you will receive an email with a Mesa Community College branded and formatted Google Document copy of your syllabus.

5. You can modify the document as needed to add formatting and remove optional items. Do not change college policy statements.

6. Submit a copy of your syllabus to your Department Chair and distribute to your students within the first week of class.

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