Holly's Housewife Life - Old & New
Thank you to all!

Whether you're an old or new follower I truly appreciate every year, day or second you've spent on Holly's Housewife Life.
I know I am the worst and never reply to anything.. I am trying my *best*-ish.. I take everything into consideration and value every comment, message and like left for me.

So as a final hurrah (!!!!)
I've done up a little questionnaire and you can answer as much or as little as you like.. but the more answers the better!
I want to know what y'all like and where to go in 2018.

Answers will remain anonymous, I won't know who you are, so suggest away!

Pop Culture..
Are you a fellow blogger?
Do you have kids?
Male or Female?
How did you find Holly's Housewife Life?
What do you like to read about the most?
Where would you like to see more of me?
Where do YOU spend most of your time?
How long have you been reading my blog?
My Fav blog posts you share are... (ex. Be Specific here - Family outings, Beauty, DIY, Weight info, kid probs, Face mask Friday )
Your answer
I would love to see more of _____________ shared.
Your answer
You could share less of....
Your answer
If I had to give a critique it would be... (I can take it! I always want to improve but leave blank if it is harsh and will make me cry. LOL)
Your answer
Anything else? I can't think of anything fresh to ask.. did I miss anything? If so let me know and if not, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS! XOXO
Your answer
Oh. Everyone's asking... Sponsored content? I have to do more to make the monies, so will you..
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