2017-2018 GEF "Believe in Your Scholarship Application

Submit one and only ONE completed application online on or before March 11, 2018. Only one submission per student is allowed - you may only choose one of the available scholarships to apply for, if you apply for more than one all applications will be disqualified. If your application is not submitted by mIdnight on or before March 11, 2018 you will not qualify. Everything must be submitted per instructions below and MUST INCLUDE:

- Completed and submitted online application (www.gefaz.org).

- Copy of Current High School Transcript (PDF) - must be attached to application (see below). (Does not need to be "official," but needs to be attached to this application).


All scholarships are non-renewable unless otherwise stated. By submitting your application you agree to allow your name, picture and scholarship award to be released via social media, website, news, and other print media. You further understand that your submission indicates your acknowledgement that all GEF monies will be paid directly to the college, university or technical/vocational school. All applications remain confidential and become property of the Gilbert Education Foundation. It is further understood that falsification of information or submission of late or incomplete application requirements disqualifies the applicant. Submission and the acceptance by the Gilbert Education Foundation does not guarantee an award.

If you are awarded the scholarship you will be required to attend the Gilbert Education Foundation Scholarship and Donor Reception on April 23th @ the Falls, 7:30 PM in Gilbert to receive your award unless other arrangements are made. (More details will be given if you are awarded a scholarship).

Scholarship winners will receive a disbursement form which must be submitted on or before June 15th, 2018 in order to receive scholarship funds. All scholarships will be forfeited if disbursement form is not received by due date.

Entering your email below indicates your acknowledgement of the above.

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