Imagine A World: Everyday Heroes

The Imagine A World: Everyday Heroes Campaign is a representation project with the aim of highlighting people who express their self love through how they adorn their body as inspiration to the rest of us to embrace who we are. We understand that it is not always safe for everyone to present themselves the way they would most like and we want to create a space of inspiration and support in the face of harassment, policing and bullying.

We are told that we must dress a certain way, move in ways that won't provoke negative attention; our society and media often teach us that we need to respectfully translate ourselves into the "norm" or we become ostracized or attacked. Those who fall outside of expected gender roles are cast as deviant, black & PoC bodies are frequently deemed "threatening" by their very existence, and survivors of sexual assault are typically blamed for inviting their attackers by virtue of what they were wearing. Often, it feels safer not to be ourselves.

This survey is to accumulate stories and data about fashion, style, self love and policing/harassment. Feel free to skip any questions you do not want to answer, and be as detailed or general as you wish with the questions you choose to respond to. We will include quotes from the responses in our Imagine A World campaign, and in the upcoming Imagine A World: Everyday Heroes book. Thank you for joining this movement toward self-love and freedom!

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