Bat Friendly Spaces Application
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Are the plants native plants (bat friendly spaces must be planted with 50% or more native plants)? *
Does your space have large or mature trees?   *
If your space has no large trees, are there any nearby? How far away are they? *
What kind of trees are in or near your space? *
Please identify to type, i.e., maples, oaks, pine, etc.
Are there any buildings nearby? If so, what kind? (school, house, barn, condo, etc.) *
Are there places for bats to roost, either outside the buildings (shutters, bat boxes) or in the trees (foliage, tree hollows, shaggy bark)? *
Is there water within ¼ mile (pond, stream, pool, large fountain)? *
Do you or anyone else use pesticides in this space? If so, please describe when and how pesticides are used. *
pesticides include yard sprays, lawn treatments, and weed killers but not personal protection sprays
Are there any bug zappers nearby? *
Are there any lights that stay on all night? *
Is all outdoor light shielded and facing the ground, not up into the sky? *
As an example, street lights are usually faced down to illuminate the ground.
Are outdoor security lights on a motion switch? *
Do you or someone else recycle or compost grass clippings and other yard waste from your space? *
Is the space litter free? Please describe how the space is kept clean and free of litter and waste. *
Please send a photograph of your space to Has your photo been sent? *
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