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Welcome to the registration page of Repositioning for real estate wealth stage 1 training.

What to expect from Stage 1 online training:

- How to get out of your own way in real estate.
- Understanding what real estate is.
- See what America did with real estate.
- Know what the deity did.
- Understand real estate as a tool for development and transformation

The cost attached: Free

Meet your facilitator: Oluwakemi Adeyemo

Oluwakemi Adeyemo, is a sought after real estate investment advisor. The expert who helps you to stop losing money in real estate. She delivers sure value real estate services using technology.

She found out that she was losing money investing in real estate as opposed to making lots of it as is expected. Despite growing up in a family where real estate has been a major income source. She found the root cause of why she and many other people lose life savings or get stuck investing in real estate.

Oluwakemi is committed to helping you extract optimum value from real estate – through her work, her coaching and live using technology. She has helped investors save more than ₦350,000,000 that would have been lost in a bid to invest in real estate.
She has also assisted to source for vantage properties for businesses within record time and closed transactions well over ₦1,000,000,000.00 and counting.

Oluwakemi’s strong belief in the transformative power of real estate as a wealth creation concept is evident in her dedication and commitment in all areas of Strategic Real Estate Value Processes™, which works to help new or existing investors set up right and extract optimum value from real estate through the investment life-cycle. She has worked one-on-one with more than 10 clients offering advisory services that have helped them begin their investment right.

She is delighted to share with you from her wealth of knowledge on real estate. Fill in your details for the free training.
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