OU-Pontiac Initiative: Community Impact Sponsorship Application
Purpose of Community Impact Sponsorship:
Leaders within the Oakland-University Pontiac Initiative are pleased to announce it will be providing community impact sponsorships intended to invest in activities that enhance experiential learning opportunities for students, promote civic engagement within the City of Pontiac, promote collaborative research efforts among citizens, community members, students and faculty at OU, and promote economic vitality for the City of Pontiac.

These funds are intended to provide a financial basis to support the ongoing sustainability of projects related to one or more of the 6 pillars within the OU-Pontiac initiative listed here:

* PK-16 Education
* Civic Engagement
* Economic and Workforce Development
* Healthcare and Wellness
* Arts and Culture
* Nonprofits and Neighborhoods

Preference will be given to projects that align and/or match external funding sources with funds requested from the community impact seed funding committee.

Eligibility & Guidelines:
Applicants must meet the following additional criteria:
* Must be an established non-profit or business entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.) (OU Student organizations are eligible to apply for seed funding)
* All non-profit agencies must provide the proper documentations and/or certificate to verify IRS compliance.
* Must be able to demonstrate prior involvement in one or more of the 6 Pillar Projects
*Organizations that are able to secure “matching” funds from an external source will be given preference
* Participants must submit the following application form for consideration between September 14- October 15
* Funds will be awarded on a one-time basis only, recipients may only be awarded one time bi-annually.
* All projects must include estimated completion timeline within twelve months
* Award requests will be considered between $500 and a maximum of $5,000.
* Must comply with Oakland University funding guidelines and/or city procurement policies.
* Must agree to full transparency and integrity of use of funds.
* Awardees must agree to terms and conditions outlined within agreement for performance.
Application: (The following information is requested)
Provide a brief project description and case for funding support: (How will this project impact the City of Pontiac/OU Community) (250 word limit) *
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Check which pillar will the project primarily impact: *
What is the primary purpose of the project? *
Describe the particulars involved and how you plan to execute the activity:
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Provide a detailed timeline for completion: *
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Funding amount requested and how will these funds be used: (please provide an itemized budget (Materials, labor, equipment, other)) *
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Outside of the sponsorship request, how much cash, or in-kind support will be provided to support this project? (100 word limit) *
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What is the intended outcome you are trying to achieve? Who will benefit? *
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List the quantitative factors that will be used to measure success? (e.g. total participants, number of activities, number of community members reached) *
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List the qualitative factors that will be used to measure success? (e.g. participant feedback regarding experience, etc) *
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How will the project be sustained over time? (please provide references to supporting documentation) (see the FAQs for documenting project sustainability) *
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Will OU Students be involved in the project? If yes, how? *
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Name of organization: *
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Name of person responsible for the administration of the project: *
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Mailing Address: *
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By providing your full signature below, you are effectively agreeing to the guidelines of the sponsorship.
I agree to submit a report within 30 days of project completion outlining benefits and outcomes gained as a result of this sponsorship. (enter initials and today's date below) *
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I agree that once I submit this application, this information may become public. (enter initials and today's date below) *
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