SYS Scholarship Application (Online Trainings)
Thank you for your interest in Sadhana Yoga School and our scholarship program.

Please read about our programs online before filling out this online application form. It is our intention at Sadhana Yoga School to provide services to everyone interested in joining our programs regardless of their financial situation. We do this by awarding scholarships based primarily on need.

All scholarships are partial and we try to balance your needs with the resources of our organization.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns about this application, feel free to call or email.
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We are able to offer up to $250 Scholarship for the online training.
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In determining scholarship awards we take into account a variety of factors including financial need, personal goals, program suitability and community involvement. Please take some time to describe why you want to join Sadhana Yoga School for this program and why this program is right for you.
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