WPISD Remote Learning - Feedback
We are all in this together and we are ALL learning new things as we adapt but still try to maintain quality instruction and learning. We understand that going from full day school to part time learning at home took great effort to adapt to, however, we wish to understand how we may find a good balance that respects the challenges of remote learning but grows our students to meet grade level expectations, should we find ourselves in need of remote learning in the future. Please help us do better by taking a moment to answer the following questions.
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What have been the biggest challenges with the online classroom format?
What is needed to provide a better online learning experience for you/your student and family?
Would it be helpful or would you be interested in occasional virtual webinars that review the applications you/your students are utilizing with remote learning?
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We appreciate the involvement of all stakeholders in the learning experience. If you have any other comments that would help us with remote/online learning in the future, please include here.
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