WHAT'S UP?! Study Group Commitment
UPDATE! WE HAVE REACHED CAPACITY FOR THIS GROUP! Please enter your information below and we'll consider you on the wait list in case anyone cannot participate. THANK YOU for your interest! We'll try to do another group as soon as we can.


Hello! We're glad that you're interested in participating in the 2018-19 Unlearning Racism group. The next step in confirming your participation is to review what a commitment to this group really means and to verify that you can go "all in" by filling out this form. We will confirm participants in the order that we receive these commitment forms, and then begin a waiting list.

If the commitment is too much or the group fills up, we want you to know that the reading list and materials for the group will be posted on the WHAT'S UP?! website. All past group materials are already posted there. (wwhatsup.wordpress.com/studygroup) If folks are interested in forming another group, we would be excited to support you in making that happen.

We also want you to know that your facilitation team will get this group started and will be part of planning each session. But we're also looking for participants to get involved with planning and facilitation. It's not a requirement to help with facilitation, but one of the goals of the Unlearning Racism group is to develop anti-racist leadership in Pittsburgh. This is a great space to develop some skills, and we'll encourage you to do that. Other ways that individuals will be encouraged to contribute include bringing food, setting up and cleaning up in gratitude to our generous space hosts, and contributions to POC people or organizations.

Thank you for your interest in being a part of this group. It's been transformative for nearly all of the participants since these groups started in 2007-08. Whether through this group or by other means, we hope you will find ways to keep unlearning racism this winter and beyond.

-the facilitation team and hosts

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Anything you would like to share. It might be your strongest passions, why you are interested in this group, your work, and/or your dreams.
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Schedule, Location, and Time Commitment
In order to create groups that allow participants to get to know and support each other, we ask participants to commit to attending all or most of the sessions. We meet from 6:30 to 9:15 pm.
Date Conflicts
If you cannot attend all of the session dates, please share the dates that you CANNOT attend:
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Do you have experience facilitating anti-racism conversations, workshops, or trainings?
Tell us about your facilitation experience, if applicable.
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Food Sharing and Clean Up
We like to share meals at the beginning of each Study Group session. Are you able to bring food for 2 or more sessions? Can you stay late and help with clean-up for at least 2 sessions? (If you need to say "sorry" for either of these, don't worry. It won't disqualify you from study group. We just need to know we have enough willing contributors to make the groups work.)
We want the group to be welcoming and doable for everybody. If you need any accommodations, please describe them here in detail so that we can make arrangements (e.g. do you use a screenreader?). As noted in our announcement text, we will seek a new location if the stairs in our planned space is inaccessible for anyone. We will also explore interpretation of any kind if needed.
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Do you have any dietary restrictions?
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We're asking white participants to contribute what you can (suggested: $25 - $200) to support people of color advisors to the group. What amount can you contribute? (We will collect your contributions when the group begins to meet. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)
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