Students Feedback on Academic Performance and Institution Ambience
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1. Relevance of syllabus of each course to the recent trends and developments *
2. Competitiveness of the curriculum in aiding the academic growth of the student *
3. Rate the activities offered by the institution related to Experiential and Participative learning *
4. Practical exposure to ICT tools *
5. Potentiality of the college in training students for the Competitive exams *
6. Timely redressal of grievances *
7. Scope for career counseling and placements *
8. Transparency of internal assessment *
9. Are the classrooms and laboratories adequately equipped and properly maintained *
10. E-Learning facilities and quantity of books available in the Library *
11. Assess the Scholarships and the freeships offered *
12. Evaluate the availability of computers for academic purpose *
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