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Use this form to indicate you'd like to participate in free coaching, either to show new vegans the ropes, or to be shown. We will try to match you up.

PLEASE NOTE: This isn't a medical program and coaches are not likely to be experts, but they have worked things out and would like to help you. The advice they give you does not necessarily reflect ARRoc's views.

SAFETY: We do not screen respondents and we encourage you to use common sense caution: communicate online or by phone, or meet in a public place, and do not share more information (such as your address or travel habits) than necessary.

PRIVACY: Responses will not be shared except name and email address between matchup pairs. ARRoc will not use the info for any other purpose. If you would ever like to be deleted from the list please contact us

SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES: Q&A; suggest (and discuss?) videos, movies, books; attend events such as meetings, speakers or potlucks; shopping trip. We can provide more specific suggestions when you are matched up.

If you would just like a shopping trip (tour of grocery store), we offer a signup for that separately:

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We will do our best to match you with an experienced vegan or someone who would like to learn from you, as the case may be.
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