Date in a Blink Podcast: Participant Form
Dating should be about who you are, not just what you look like. At Blink, it’s our mission to make finding meaningful connections easier and more enjoyable.

How are we going to do that?
✨Blink Dates✨
aka Voice-only Speed Dates

We’re looking for participants to appear on Date in a Blink, an audio-only speed date podcast, to partake in Blink Dates. The experience will be:
▪️ EASY: answer a few questions beforehand and then show up
▪️ FUN: meet and connect with a potential match
▪️ FAST: 10 mins for the date & less than 20 mins for the whole experience
▪️ AUDIO ONLY: you can be snuggled up on your couch in sweats rocking a pizza stain and we’ll be none the wiser! 😏

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form. We'll follow up with selected participants to schedule a time to record.


👋 The only thing we'll share with participants' dates / on the podcast is first names (we're also happy to use an alias for participants).
🎙 This is a RECORDED experience. If you are not comfortable with that, we totally understand and encourage you to join our waitlist at instead of signing up for the podcast. That way, when the app is ready, you can be the first to know and can schedule private audio-only speed dates on your own.


Have questions? Send us an email at contact[at]theblinkdate[dot]com!
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Our algorithm (aka the humans behind Date in a Blink) will try to match you with someone local if possible, but may venture farther afield if you're open to it (see next question)!
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(being open to meeting people outside of your immediate geographic vicinity greatly increases our ability to match you with someone!)
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Our algorithm (aka the humans behind Date in a Blink) will try to match you with someone in your desired age range, but may venture a little beyond it if all other stars align.
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All Date in a Blink participants must complete the release form found here:

We cannot match you if we don't have a signed release form for you.

(please disregard the note at the top of the form saying you need to upload a photo – unfortunately, non-editable default instructional language)
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