2019 Lakes of Fire Vehicle Registration Application Form
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Anyone wanting to keep a vehicle or trailer inside the event (i.e. ANYWHERE past Greeters) that IS NOT required to be registered with DMV as an Art Car, Sound Car, or other Mutant Vehicle MUST apply for a permit using this form. Most vehicles are NOT eligible. Car camping is restricted to those participants with a legitimate medical need. All vehicles without proper permission are subject to towing at the owner's expense and possible ejection of the responsible participant.
If you're going to park your vehicle or trailer in the parking lot, you don't need to apply for a permit. Only vehicles staying inside the event (i.e. ANYWHERE past Greeters) longer than the 2-hour unloading window need to be registered.
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This is not the form for Art Cars, Sound Cars, or other Mutant Vehicles. Check the DMV link on the Key Dates & Forms page to register your Mutant Vehicle: http://lakesoffire.org/the-event/key-dates/
Applying for this permit is agreeing to be legally responsible for this vehicle. Your vehicle description will be accurate and your vehicle will be used in a manner consistent with how it is represented in this application. Violation of this agreement - by omission or commission - may also be a violation of the Ticketing Agreement; you and/or your vehicle may be refused entry or may be subject to removal from the event at your own expense. *
If you own the vehicle you're registering, please have your license plate number handy. If you haven't rented your vehicle yet, STOP. We will only consider applications for known vehicles. Apply once you know what you're bringing on-site.
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