Legal English & SPA Quiz
1. If the student has difficulty with the lesson and you think the same lesson must be done the next day, you should: *
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2. Does this course follow ESA? *
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3. Where will you find the Legal English Slides? *
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4. As for SPA, how long does the course run? *
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5. Is this the class procedure for SPA? *
1.) The teacher should follow the lesson delivery in the 'slide notes'. 2.) The teacher should present the question/activity. 3.) For the majority of the class time, the teacher will be an interviewer, not an active participant. The student should be encouraged to pretend that he/she is talking to a real person, face-to-face. The teacher should assess the student’s confidence and fluency in answering the questions. 4.) The teacher will provide feedback on the student’s answers, point out the glaring mistakes, especially on word usage and phrasing, and give tips on how to answer the questions more appropriately. 5.) The teacher will guide the student in using the sample answers provided in the slides.6.) Follow up questions are optional if time permits.
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