DFW-CHW Board of Directors Application
This form is used as an application to apply to serve a 2-year term on the DFW-CHW Association Board of Directors. Please note the following requirements:

*Must be available to meet during the work day one time per month. Board meetings are held once a month between 2:00-4:00 pm. Hours and days may vary.
*Must be committed to advocate for CHWs, you do NOT need to be a CHW to be considered.
*Must contribute to association activities and be present at special events, symposiums, and other projects when needed.
*Must work with the rest of the Board to communicate the association’s role to our most important audiences.
*Must be a paying active member of the association.
*Must sign Letter of Commitment upon selection into the Board of Directors.
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Are you a current CHW? *
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Why you are interested in becoming a Board member? *
Describe your skills and leadership experience: *
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Describe your availability to attend and actively participate in board meetings: *
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