Proposal To Direct: ACT's 64th Season
ACT: 64th Season
Director(s) Name: *
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Production Title *
Description *
Please include: • Plot outline • Character breakdown – Number of male & female principal characters (age range) male & female supporting characters (age range) male & female extras (age range) • What makes this an interesting addition to the season? *Include your vision of the production, including set and costume thoughts.
Production Type (i.e. Comedy, Drama, etc) *
Proposed Season Slot *
Estimated Budget: Not to exceed $2,500 *
Include a breakdown of the cost of scripts, publicity, set design, props, costumes, printing and other.
Who has the rights to the production? *
Explain Audience Appeal *
Identify Your Production Staff (suggested)
• Producer – Secures rights, makes sure production stays on schedule. • Set Designer – Someone who can build or supervise building of set • Lighting Designer – Someone to hang or supervise hanging and focusing of lights and conduct lighting board • Sound Operator– Someone who will assist and manage the soundboard • Musical Director (if applicable) • Assistant Director- Someone to assist the Director • Stage Manager- Someone to assist with all aspects of the show running smoothly • Other: Prop Manager, Costumes, etc
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