2019 Vennie Gore Scholarship
The NWACUHO Vennie Gore Scholarship is designed to make participation in the annual NWACUHO conference possible for graduate students and professionals within their first three years of full-time experience who are interested in working in housing and residence life. The scholarship is specifically need-based to allow new professionals to attend whose personal funding or institutional support would normally prohibit participation.

What Is the Award:

A needs based scholarship that consists of reimbursement of registration & travel expenses up to $500 USD.

How To Be Considered:

Nominees must either be from a NWACUHO member institution or hold an individual (paying) membership.
Recipients will be expected to present (or co-present) a program during the annual conference and submit an article to the Spring Soundings, the first publication after the conference, as a condition of accepting the scholarship. A program abstract will be due to the Programming Committee in accordance with program submission deadlines.
Criteria used in selection:

Applications will be reviewed through a blind selection process by the Awards & Scholarships Task Force using the following criteria:

- Responses to the application questions
- Perceived potential of individual in housing profession
- Stated commitment to profession

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