20 Questions
Answers will be shared on the AWE website blog as well on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, AWE has lined up partners who will help retweet, reblog, and draw attention to the exciting work that will be shown as part of Art Week Exeter, 13-21 May 2017. If you are receiving this form and are the contact for your exhibiting group, please kindly forward this to your group members.

This is a great opportunity for free publicity!

In addition, we are asking you to send us a profile picture and 2-3 supporting images you think would help illustrate your answers to any of your questions. For instance, a photograph of your studio or sketchbook. Please send these photos to info@artweekexeter.org.uk or attach images in a reply to this email.
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Show title or group you are showing with for AWE:
Where do you find inspiration?
Do you keep a sketchbook? Describe it for us.
What experiences or memories have played a role in your art-making practice?
Who are your influences?
Do you have any rituals or routines before making work?
What do you listen to when you're working?
Does research play a role in your process? What is something that you have recently researched?
What's the most challenging material you've worked with?
What's your favourite tool?
Your studio's on fire - what are you grabbing as you run out the door?
Was there an exhibition or a work of art you saw recently that you found intriguing?
What is one thing you hope people will take away from experiencing your work?
Have you ever made a regrettable piece of art?
Are there any comments about your work that have stayed with you?
Tell us something that you've learned in the last year.
What are you looking forward to this year?
What was the last book you read? Or, what are you reading now?
Describe what you enjoy about making your work.
Recommend an unusual place in Exeter or Devon for us to visit.
What are you excited about showing at Art Week Exeter?
May we use photographs from your website?
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Thank you for participating! Email info@artweekexeter.org.uk if you have any questions.
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