Naar the Game
Fifth version prototype (Character Movements and shooting)
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How did you find us? *
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How did the spell casting feel? *
Did it make you feel powerfull?
Really bad
Really Good
Do you have anything else to say about the spell system?
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How did the particle effects look or feel? *
Really bad
Really Good
Do you have anything else to say about the particle effects?
The fireball, and dust streaks from the dash.
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Enemy interaction *
How was it to fight the ghouls?
Too hard
Too easy
Any more feedback on the enemy?
Do you have anything more to say about the enemy.
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Camera *
How did you perceive the camera's distance from character?
Too close
Too Far
Did the camera disturb your gameplay? *
If yes, how did it disturb the gameplay?
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Any other thoughts regarding the camera?
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Did you manage to finish the prototype? *
Do you usually play adventure games? *
All the time
Which of these games have you played before? *
(Third person action adventure games. )
Any more third person action adventure games you want to mention?
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What controller did you use for this prototype?
Movement *
How did the general movement feel?
How much control did you feel you had over the character? *
A lot
Any other thoughts regarding the movement?
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Jump and Dash *
How did the jumping feel?
How did you feel about holding down the jump button to jump higher? *
How did it feel to dash? *
What did you feel about the range of the dash? *
Too short
Too far
Any other thoughts regarding the jump or dash mechanics?
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What did you think of the character animations?
Which ones didn't look good?
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Do you have any other comments or feedback to us?
General feedback (Anything about the current prototype)
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