Pradx coin(PRDX) airdrop And Bounty Submission Form

PRADX Airdrop Form Event Round 1

PRADX (PRDX) - Native Token of the PLANNED PRADX DEX EXCHANGE and other blockchain and web Activities.
PRADX Token, the native token - ERC20 Standard Token on Ethereum. Most important token issuance to the PRADX ecosystem providing a secure payment system to any participants including the PRADX foundation and its management team, shareholders, distributors, affiliates, etc. and also other companies, partners, related business activities.
We are providing incentives to any holders, participants, and bonus programs to any activities relating to the PRADX ecosystem.

Website :

Contract address: 0x6dbdcb1a675a07439666a6a56b0d93436d5b67d7

Participate in our Airdrop event and get total tokens of up to $50 = 50000 PRDX and more

1 referral = 1$ 1000 PRADX

There will be a pool of 1,000,000,000 PRDX to be Airdropped for participants who are entitled to get it.

*If we found that some users have broken the rules and created fake accounts, and we need to further investigate the account.

PRADX team has the right to change and set some rules for distribution.
You directly buy from exchange
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WE THINK ABOUT IEO give us a suggestion to consider where the next exchange will CONDUCT IEO (Cheaper)
Suggest Any exchange who provide free or voting listing for grow up our community
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