Trauma Informed Educator Application
Thank you for your interest in the Trauma Informed Educator Certification (TIE) ! This program is designed to address the needs of educators and administrators by providing tools for supporting students who experience trauma and practicing self care in order to promote resiliency. By completing this certification you will be able to coach others to build Trauma Informed Schools using available resources.

The TIE program is designed by The Center for Cognitive Diversity and consists of 4 graduate level courses delivered over the course of a year which provide Continuing Education Semester Units through CSUEB:
Principles of Trauma for Educators (3 units)
Trauma Supportive Schools (3 units)
Reflective Supervision for Educators (1.5 units taken twice in a year)

Our cohorts have a minimum of 10 participants and are offered at least 3 times a year. Please see or contact for more details. Completing this form indicates you are interested in reserving a spot in our cohort. Thank you!

Emily Santiago, LEP, NCSP
Founder and Director
The Center for Cognitive Diversity
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The cost of our 10 month program is $2500. Participants can receive CSUEB graduate credits for an additional $134 per graduate unit (9 semester units=$1206). Payment for graduate credits are due separately to CSUEB at the completion of each course if you are seeking credit. How do you plan to pay for the program?
Tuition Policy: I acknowledge this program registration represents a financial commitment for the 10 month period. By checking this box, I agree to pay for the program in full in the next 10 months. Refunds are available if a participant withdraws before courses begin. *
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