RTM Shared Smartnode Onboarding
General Information & Procedures
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What you need to participate:
1. 5,000 RTM+

2. A Discord Username & ID (RTM Discord:https://discord.gg/sFashS954V)

3. An RTM address to receive rewards
How it Works:

1. Users send collateral to an onboarding address where it joins with other RTM holders

2. A Smartnode is deployed using the combined shared collateral funds from Users

3. Collateral is locked into Smartnodes until the next rebalancing period (monthly at the end of the month)

4. Smartnode rewards are paid to users weekly (Sundays 12pm EST) in shares equal to their collateral contribution percentage minus the hosting fee (6%)

5. Users may withdraw collateral at the end of any month to end their participation in smartnodes.
Steps for Users
1. Send RTM to the current iNodez onboarding address:


2. Save/Copy your Transaction ID

3. Fill out the next section of this form
Need Help? If you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact me in the official Raptoreum discord server. My Discord Nickname in the RTM server is: Vibin6up and my Role title is "Shared Nodes
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