Spring 2024 Workshop Series: The Original Original
Need support in completing your Original Original Full Application? You have come to the right place!

Welcome to the workshop series registration form. Signing up for this series means you are interested in receiving support and assistance from our team to complete your application. The workshop series will guide you through the Business Ready application for The Original Original Accreditation program. This series is structured around the six key categories of market readiness that the application covers.

Starting date of the series: April 2, 2024
The total time commitment, should you choose to participate in all six sessions is: 12 hours, each session will be allocated a 2 hour window

For more information, contact us at: 

Michelle Brown, Business Support Coordinator

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* ITAC recommends that each business complete a Self-evaluation prior to attending the workshop series.
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While this workshop series is designed for the Business Ready application we would still like to know which 'The Original Original' application do you intend on completing?
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The dates for the workshop series are below, please identify which sessions you intend on participating in. Each date will cover one of the six categories/themes of the set criteria outlined in the application. 
*Please also note that these will also be recorded and available on our corporate website. The intention of participating on the day of is to receive one on one support and discuss questions and address any challenges you might be facing when completing the full application.  

Confidentiality and Professional Conduct Agreement

By clicking "I agree" below you are:

Acknowledging that as a registered participant in the upcoming workshop series, you may be sharing sensitive business information and details about your operations. Additionally, you understand that you will be privy to information regarding other participants' business operations. In light of this, you are commiting to and agreeing to the following terms:


I understand that the information shared during the workshop series is confidential and proprietary. I commit to not disclosing any sensitive information shared by fellow participants outside of the workshop setting.

Professional Conduct:

I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner throughout the online workshop. This includes, but is not limited to, refraining from disruptive behavior, using respectful language, and actively engaging in a positive and constructive manner.

Recording Agreement:

I consent to being recorded during the workshop series. I understand that the recorded sessions may be shared with other businesses and made available on the corporate website for educational purposes.

Lateral Kindness and Respect:

I commit to practicing lateral kindness and respect towards fellow participants. I will be open to diverse opinions and thoughts, fostering an environment of collaboration and learning.

Non-Disclosure Beyond Workshop Series:

I agree not to disclose, reproduce, or use any information obtained during the workshop series for purposes other than the intended learning experience. This commitment extends beyond the duration of the workshop series.

By participating in this workshop series, I acknowledge that adherence to these terms is essential for the success and trust within the learning community. I understand the importance of fostering a safe and collaborative space for the benefit of all participants

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