Spring Action Weekend 2019: 30th - 31st March
Thank you for volunteering to help at this year's Spring Action Meeting!

This form will take approximately 5 minutes of your time, please complete it at your earliest possible convenience.

Unlike previous years THIS FORM WILL ONLY CAPTURE THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU CAN VOLUNTEER AS RANGE CREW. Owing to the new benefits system for 2019 below.

For 2019 we have revised the benefits for Range Crew. We will continue to offer meals and accommodation in the same way, but now you have the option of converting your volunteered time into a credit to use towards future NRA Meetings or Courses at Bisley or regionally.

Once you have completed your sign-up request below, we will send you details on the amount of 'Crew Points' you have to spend on meals, accommodation or credits, and how to redeem the points. After the Meeting you can also complete a mileage claim form to the maximum value of £100 (£50 if only volunteering for one half day).

For more information about the benefits scheme please download details here: https://nra.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Range-Crew-Benefits-1.pdf

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Are you a currently qualified NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) or Range Conduction Officer (RCO)? It is not essential that you are qualified as there are many tasks that need to be carried out on the ranges.
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Please identify below any ranges or competitions you are familiar with or would prefer to volunteer on. This will assist us to best allocate you HOWEVER, be prepared to help out on other ranges, as this does not guarantee you will be allocated to your range of choice.
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