Skills for a FAB Life - Workshop Facilitator Recruitment Form
Are you an adult that has ever said, "kids these days don't know how to..."

- sew a button
- follow a recipe
- change a flat tire
- write a resume
- send a professional email
- tie a tie
- fold a fitted a sheet
…and MORE!

Well, we're offering you a chance to do something about it!
"Skills for a FAB Life" will offer the how to’s, insider knowledge, and tips for being successful on your own terms. Fab Youth Philly will be offering these virtual workshops for young people. We'd love you to consider teaching one on ANY TOPIC you'd like!

We're looking for skilled facilitators who are passionate about a topic!
We'll support you every step of the way by:
- Providing the workshop plan template.
- Supporting you in creating engaging activities.
- Creating and managing the flyers and recruitment.
- Providing technology support, and workshop materials.
AND you will receive a payment of $35 for facilitating a workshop!

You will have a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 1.5 hours.
You can do a one and done session or a series of workshops, YOU CHOOSE!

Please note: ALL workshops will be held on the second and third Thursday of each month from 7-8pm EST.
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